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If you've tried and failed with "bootcamps" or "diets" in the past and hate that those healthy habits just dwindle away after a while, you're not alone! Unfortunately there is no one quick magic button to living a healthy and balanced life. True lasting wellness most often comes from learning how to make permanent lifestyle shifts that will be sustainable over time. Sono Brio helps you do just that with customizable programs and free quick health tips that are realistic for busy people.

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Hi, my name is Cristin.


My Mission:

Certified Nutrition Consultant
& Health Coach

Certified Power Pilates Instructor

TRX Suspension Trainer Certified

To successfully help busy
people live healthier, happier, and richer lives.

As a health coach, nutrition consultant, and fitness trainer, I love helping people feel their absolute best through healing whole foods, mindful movement, and smart lifestyle organization techniques. Creating sustainable habits really is the key to success and because of that, I am dedicated to helping you slowly incorporate small changes for your best health. My motto is,
“Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be full of life!”.

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