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Pilates Praise:


“Cristin has helped me get noticeably leaner, stronger and maybe even a bit taller, all through Pilates. She also has been amazing at fine tuning little things like foot placement and resting/working posture – things that actually have had a big impact on improving my life. Thank you Cristin!”

Jorge, Seattle WA


“Cristin is exceptional. Getting up at 6am to work out sucks, but I always look forward to my workouts with Cristin. She is the complete package - motivational, technically outstanding and results driven. At the end of the day it's about results, and that is what Cristin delivers. She is the best trainer/Pilates instructor I have ever worked with.”

Patrick, Seattle WA


“Cristin is fantastic! After a year of intermittent back pain, her careful and precise attention to detail has changed the way I move and gotten rid of my pain.  She’s a fantastic instructor and a great person too!”

Andrew, Seattle WA


“Cristin motivates me every time we meet; she's making me feel more aware of my body, and is guiding me towards my fitness goals. I'm constantly learning from Cristin, and I appreciate the comfortable environment she creates. She's an excellent Pilates Instructor, and I would highly recommend her.”

Desiree, Seattle WA


“Cristin's private training has improved my form and Pilates practice enough to counter the desk jockey stresses I am not able escape.”

Sarah, Seattle WA


“Cristin is a bright, educated, kind and loving Pilates teacher who takes you on a journey, challenging you with exercises that will develop strength and precision.”

Jennifer, Seattle WA


“Pilates is an integral part of my workout routine. It is essential to me in order to maintain and increase core strength as well as flexibility. Working with Cristin has been a really positive experience. She is able to adjust sessions depending on health issues while still creating a challenging experience. It is one of the highlights of my week.”

Beth, Seattle, WA


“Cristin is focused on helping her clients obtain the best results possible from Pilates.  I have benefited greatly from her coaching”

Tom, Seattle WA


"Cristin is an excellent instructor with a very professional and caring attitude."

Brian, Seattle WA


"I have attended Pilates classes in a variety of settings from community centers to private studios. Frustrated at the results and several injuries experienced shortly after enrolling, I thought I would never accomplish my goal of improved fitness. Cristin’s focus on technique motivated me to improve by giving me the rationale for doing each movement. I had fun and am now feeling all the benefits of the effort I put in. In addition, Cristin’s healthy recipes are simple and taste fabulous! Thank you hardly feels adequate. I have never experienced such a professional, warm and effective approach.”

Barbara, Vancouver BC


“I’ve had the privilege of training under Cristin in San Francisco for the past year. During that time I found myself get stronger and fitter than in my previous two years of Pilates training. Cristin knows your limits and how hard to push to take you to the next level.”
Steven, Atlanta GA


“Cristin is an incredible find. She has a depth and breadth of knowledge and is always shaking things up to keep it interesting. Her classes are great!”
Valerie, San Francisco CA


“Cristin is an awesome instructor and she'll kick your butt in a good way! She is always focused on giving you a challenging workout and making sure you are using the correct form. I highly recommend her!”
 Jen, San Francisco CA


“I have taken Cristin's classes in both Boston and in San Francisco. Her extensive knowledge of Pilates not only makes her sessions very challenging but also enjoyable and fun! I would highly recommend her to anyone of any ability looking for a great workout. Cristin is very light-hearted, energetic, and kind; you will sweat with a smile!
Kait, Boston MA


“Before beginning sessions with Cristin I had always wondered what the reformers do and was scared to try one. Cristin made learning Pilates fun and challenging! She teaches classical Pilates and makes sure you're always learning something new."
Kristin, San Francisco CA


"Cristin is a great instructor, patient and encouraging, and makes the lessons fun. After working with her I can now do plenty of push-ups with perfect form!"
Randi, Miami FL


“Cristin is very knowledgeable, friendly and engaging. Love her and her Pilates instruction!”
Jennifer, San Francisco CA


“Great teacher! Intuitive, personalized instruction.”
James, San Francisco CA


“I went to Cristin for one-on-on Pilates equipment lessons when she was in Boston. Starting off as a veteran of many Pilates mat classes, I thought my first session was going to be a walk in the park. Boy was I wrong! Cristin really focused all her attention on me, carefully explaining all the exercises to me so I could do them properly and get the best results.”
Brittany, Boston MA


“I truly enjoyed starting my Pilates experience with Cristin in Boston. When I first started as a beginner to Pilates, Cristin helped me to feel not only comfortable trying this new form of exercise but also totally capable of doing it.”
Ann, Boston MA


“Cristin's knowledge and patience helped me achieve some moves that initially looked virtually impossible. Brio Pilates has greatly improved my core, posture, and self confidence!”
Paula, Boston MA


Nutrition Praise:


"Having access to a certified Nutritionist for three days during the Reset Program provides tremendous value for your money. I lost about 5 lbs., felt generally 'lighter', with a happy mood and even craved more green smoothies and healthy soups afterwards. The program was easy to follow and I liked that it didn't require me to buy an expensive juicer or pre-maid juices."
Sara, Chicago IL


"Working with Cristin on my diet goals was exactly what I wanted. The consultation was SO helpful. Everything was fantastic! :)"
Taylor, Botoga Columbia


"I was very keen to do some kind of cleanse, and this one seemed feasible and affordable! The only doubts I had were self-doubts - I was afraid I couldn't do it! I felt GREAT after the 3-Day Reset with more energy and in a better mood than I had been in a long time. My stomach feels flatter and my digestion is definitely better. My cravings for junk food have been curbed. I feel empowered knowing that I can do something like this, and WILL do it again. This is realistic program to clean out the system and jump-start any sort of health-related goals."

Taylor, Botoga Columbia


"Cristin is knowledgeable, supportive and really partners with you in a non judgmental way."

Dorothy Oakland, CA


"After Sono Brio’s 3-Day Reset Program, I definitely feel calmer and more relaxed with better sleep too. I have a greater appreciation for healthy, natural foods, and my immunity is stronger than ever! The Reset soup recipes are AMAZING! I will make them again and again even when I’m not on the program."
Hilary, San Francisco CA


“I was concerned that a cleanse of any kind might be really difficult to complete, but I lost 6 pounds and have kept off 4 of them with Sono Brio’s 3-Day Reset Program. My stomach is flatter and I feel lighter. The food was REALLY good too! I’m still making the recipes even after the detox”
Amy, San Francisco CA


"I loved the personalized recommendations Cristin was able to give by really getting to know me and looking at my current food choices and supplements."

Jasmine Alameda, CA


"Deciding to try the 3-Day Reset Program was easy because I trusted Cristin. The program gave me a jump-start on healthy eating. I even lost a pound or two."
Jen, San Francisco CA


“Cristin is the full package! She guides you to a healthier way of life by feeding your mind with nutrition and lifestyle tips, feeding your body with stellar Pilates classes, and feeding your soul with her positive attitude. She is the best! Cristin helped me find a way to fit super healthy nutrition habits into my very hectic schedule. Something I never thought was possible!”

Lizzie, Santa Monica CA


"My first Reset was challenging but I felt really good afterwards. I felt lighter and not as weighed down. I learned a lot about how to be healthy and am excited to continue these new habits."
Katie, Portsmouth, NH


"I was worried that a Nutritionist’s approach might feel too regimented but working with Cristin was extremely uplifting and positive. She educated me about alternative healthy choices without scolding or making me feel anything other than supported. In one hour I learned so much from her! Understanding why various foods are healthy or not healthy makes a big difference in what I choose to eat each day. Also understanding the signals my body is giving me leads me to eat more protein, vitamin rich foods and healthy fats. Just a few weeks after my session with Cristin, I'm drinking a lot less coffee, feel clear headed when waking up in the morning, am satisfied (not starving/low blood sugar) all day long, am not as stressed at the end of the day, and generally in a better mood!"
Elizabeth, Seattle WA


"Cristin is incredibly encouraging. The eating plan she gave me was totally reasonable and also pushed me to make much healthier choices throughout the day, and she's always been happy to chat as I've run into setbacks.."
Kristina, Seattle, WA

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