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Boost fertility naturally with a comprehensive diet, fitness, and lifestyle plan. This plan is for women who want
to do everything they can to assure a
fast conception, a healthy pregnancy, easier delivery, faster recovery,
and a healthy baby.

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Welcome to the first comprehensive diet, exercise, and lifestyle plan especially for women planning for pregnancy. As a certified nutrition consultant, health coach, and fitness professional, I have dedicated much of my research to nutrition and fitness for fertility. My goal is to guide women toward achieving conception naturally. By engaging with this program, you are taking the control and working toward a healthy pregnancy, an uncomplicated delivery, a fast recovery, and most importantly a healthy baby.


When the time comes to plan your pregnancy, it can be stressful. We all know stress and fertility are not friends. The Pre-Pregnancy Plan helps take the stress away from this process by streamlining everything! First and foremost is getting your health perfectly on track and primed for fertility with unique, targeted diet and exercise programs. In addition, we simplify the whole process with an easy to follow day-by-day calendar and checklist, with every little thing you’ll need to have in order, including some items that you might never have thought of, but will be so glad to have done.


The Pre-Pregnancy Plan is a foolproof system to easily plan for the family of your dreams. Whether you are just beginning to think about what you’ll need to take care of before getting pregnant, or have been struggling with infertility for some time, I promise you, The Pre-Pregnancy Plan was crafted with YOU in mind.


Frequently Asked Questions


How should I eat during months leading up to my pregnancy?


The most important thing ALL women should do before getting pregnant is go on a “Gentle Detox” which replaces processed foods, coffee, and sugary beverages with fresh fruits, vegetables, clean proteins, healthy fats, and plenty of pure water. This cleanses the body of toxins. In our modern world, it is impossible to keep our bodies totally clean and 100% free of toxicity. Daily we encounter toxins in our own homes through food, water, cosmetics, and cleaning products. When we go out into the world, environmental toxins abound. Believe it or not, we may even come into contact with toxic chemicals through the materials that make up our clothing, furniture, and household items. A detoxification program will cleanse a woman’s body, preparing it for a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and child.


When is the best time to begin detoxification?


Women should consider beginning their detoxification three months prior to TTC (trying to conceive). NOW is the time to clean up your body since during pregnancy and while nursing, “Detox Diets” are a BIG no no! As you detoxify, the toxins that have been stored in the tissues of your body break down, move through the body, and are eventually released through sweat or when you go to the bathroom. It would be dangerous to go through this process while your baby is growing inside you or while you are nourishing her/him through nursing, as you could potentially expose your child to toxicity during a time in which her/his little body will not be able to process it.


Will any “Detox Diet” plan work?


A targeted plan for pre-pregnancy is very important. Many general detox plans out there are very strict and often include only liquid meals of vegetable juices and water. These extreme plans may work to detoxify the body but can leave you feeling excessively weak, sick, and
over-emotional in the process. For a woman detoxifying with the goal of pregnancy in mind,
 it is extremely important to keep her hormones and neurotransmitters in peak condition. This assures prime fertility and emotional health of the mother to be. Adequate protein and healthy fats will be crucial to achieving this. In traditional detox methods, these items are often sadly
 left off the menu. Gentle detoxification while building optimal nutrition at the same time is paramount. The Pre-Pregnancy Plan’s Cleanse is the cornerstone of this plan and is the
 first detoxification program of it’s kind designed to specifically meet the unique needs of
moms to be.


How soon before TTC (trying to conceive) should I plan to get myself in the best shape for pregnancy?


Three months prior to becoming pregnant is really the time to get yourself as fit as can be. Many women make the mistake of waiting until they get pregnant to get going on a regular exercise program. This really is a mistake since doctors advise not beginning any new form of exercise once you’re pregnant. It is wise to take those three months before TTC to try out new fitness classes. Find one or two forms of exercise that you really enjoy, learn the basics, and plan to stick with those throughout your pregnancy.


What is the best way to safely get in shape for an ideal pregnancy, delivery, and recovery?


Yoga and Pilates are both fantastic for building core strength, flexibility, balance, and stamina which are all the things you’ll need for a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and recovery! Find a qualified gym or studio in your area and make sure to ask the trainer or instructor about their background. Qualified teachers should have gone through a rigorous training program of at least 300 hours for Yoga and at least 600 hours for Pilates. Make sure you inform your instructor of any injuries or health concerns you have and if you choose, you may let them know that you are planning on getting in shape to prepare for pregnancy.


Are there specific exercises I can perform at home to help me prepare for pregnancy?


There are several very specific exercises focused on strengthening your core, improving posture, and increasing flexibility that are easily performed at home on an exercise mat. These exercises are designed specifically to help a woman cope with the demands of pregnancy and delivery. The Pre-Pregnancy Plan includes the first ever series of exercises for pregnancy preparation. This routine is available exclusively as a video download with your purchase of The Pre-Pregnancy Plan.



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*Please keep in mind that the materials and content contained in this program are intended as general information only and are not considered a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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