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Taking action and being accountable to others are both BIG! So participate in a program,
get one-on-one help, try out a mini QHT challenge, and interact with others in the
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• Computerized diet analysis to see where your nutritional gaps are (filling the gaps usually does wonders!)

• Further interpretation of any medical lab test results (blood panels, thyroid checks, cholesterol, etc.)

• Comprehensive diet and supplement recommendations to reach your optimal health

• All questions answered with continued support

• Starter gift pack with new food product samples

Nutrition Consult



Single sessions are perfect if you have specific questions about your diet and need professional guidance to truly understand if what you’re doing is best. They are also used as an add on to previous programs if you're feeling like you need more. (phone or video)
(60-90 minutes)

Clean Up



• 2 consultations via phone, skype, or in person

• Complete analysis of your current diet

• Comprehensive program including grocery lists, meal plans, and recipes to reach your optimal health


The Pre-Pregnancy Plan



Boost fertility naturally with a comprehensive diet, fitness, and lifestyle plan. This plan is for women who want to do everything they can to assure a fast conception, a healthy pregnancy, easier delivery, faster recovery, and a healthy baby.

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3 Day Reset -
Level 2



Level two is three days of Nutritionist created smoothies, soups, and herbal teas. Generally healthy already? Not on any meds? Just need a good rest and reset to clean out the pipes? Level two is for you.

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3 Day Reset -
Level 1



Been on and off the healthy wagon? Having trouble keeping up your healthy habits?

Try this customized
 3-day kickstart.

Don't worry. This is a program

where you get to eat real food that also happens to be delicious!

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Fit & Energized Strategy Session

No need to make the financial commitment before knowing if working with a Nutrition Consultant is right for you. Tell me about your goals and let me begin to guide you over a 30-minute phone or video chat. I promise, this is not to schmooze you or hit you with a sales pitch. There is no catch. I simply want get to know each other so that we can make a decision together on how best to move forward for you to reach your health goals



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