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Cristin trains clients and teaches classes in the classical Pilates method while incorporating other functional fitness modalities at ZUM Fitness in the heart of downtown Seattle. Stop by for a complimentary fitness assessment today!

Zum Fitness: 1813 7th Avenue (at Olive) Seattle, WA, (206) 443-3933

Visit Cristin at ZUM Fitness
in the heart of downtown Seattle!

Confused with conflicting diet advice
in the media & all over the web?

Here's a hint: We all have different needs when it comes to diet, fitness, and lifestyle! What works for someone else might be totally wrong for you. I am here to be your guide to finding the ideal way to fuel YOUR unique body. I am accepting of many different dietary approaches and my goal is to work with you on clearing away all of the clutter and confusion so that you walk away feeling like you've finally found the right method for you.

Personalized Nutrition Consulting might be right for you if you...

• Can't seem to lose those last few (or more) extra pounds.

• Are struggling with low energy or low motivation.

• Don't sleep well and can't figure out why.

• Can't figure out if the "health food" you are buying is truly healthy
   or just a bunch of hype.

• Are constantly getting sick or have unmanageable allergies.

• Can't seem to get a handle on a specific health condition.

• Want to look and feel radiant with clear glowing skin, shiny hair,
   bright eyes, white teeth, and lean muscles.


Check out the options below to find one that will work for you.
Need help deciding?  I'm happy to guide you to the option that would

best fit your lifestyle and goals.

Fit, Energized & Confident Strategy Session

No need to make a financial commitment before knowing if working with a Nutrition Consultant is right for you. Tell me about your goals and let me begin to guide you over a 30-minute phone or video chat. I promise, this is not to schmooze you or hit you with a sales pitch. There is no catch. I simply want get to know each other so that we can make a decision together on how best to move forward for you to reach your health goals.

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My Favorites:

Word on the Street:

“I’ve had the privilege of training under Cristin in
San Francisco for the past year. During that time I found myself get stronger and fitter than in my previous two years of Pilates training. Cristin knows your limits and how hard to push to take you to the next level.”

Steven, Atlanta GA


“Cristin's knowledge and patience helped me achieve some moves that initially looked virtually impossible. Sono Brio Pilates has greatly improved
my core, posture, and self confidence!”

Paula, Boston MA


"After Sono Brio’s 3-Day Reset Program, I definitely feel calmer and more relaxed with better sleep too. I have a greater appreciation for healthy, natural foods, and my immunity is stronger than ever! The Reset soup recipes are AMAZING! I will make them again and
again even when I’m not on
the program."

Hilary, San Francisco CA

6-Week Nutrition Clean Up

• Four 60-90 minute consultations (phone or video).

• A complete diet plan based holistically on your unique needs.

• Grocery lists, recipes, and meal planning tips customized specifically for you to fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.

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Nutrition Consultation

Single sessions are perfect if you have specific questions about your diet and need professional guidance to truly understand if what you’re doing is best. They are also used as an add on to previous programs if you're feeling like you need more. (phone or video) (60-90 minutes)

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